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Move away from the usual resorts and take your team out on a rejuvenating camping trip. Set amidst lush greenery, far away from the maddening crowd, our camping experiences will transport your workforce into nature’s wonderland and help them unwind, relax & rejuvenate. Our camping experiences come packed with activities like surfing, kayaking, trekking, scuba diving, photo walks, wildlife spotting, campfire, stargazing & other team building activities. You could pick from a bouquet of camping experiences ranging from Beach Camps to Mountain Camps, Farm Camps & luxury camps. Complying with safety standards, most of the camp spots have corporate ready amenities like meeting areas, banquet areas & proper toilet/washroom facilities. We also have camp spots located as close as just 40 kms from the city, helping you cut down on the travel time and make the most of your break.