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Let’s play a small game to begin with!

Step 1: Play that tortoise coil flashback twirl in your head, go back in time and try to remember all the trips you have done in the last ten years

Step 2: Now pick the trips that are closest to your heart from that list. Try and remember the fondest moments, places that are still fresh in your head, moments during the trip that still makes you laugh, cry & crave for more. The roads that you took, people that you met. Now connect the dots.
More often than not these would be places that you never planned for. Best moments are sudden. The thrill is in the unknown.

Presenting ‘The Blind Date Camp’
You won’t know where you’d be headed. But be rest assured it’s some place awesome! And it’s not one of our listed camps.

Okay… Here’s a bit of a teaser.

It’s somewhere deep in the ‘Western Ghats’. You can expect absolute remoteness, lots of offbeat hikes, little known streams & falls and some of our wild life buddies (Elephants, Sloth Bears, Gaurs, Foxes et all) may play peek-a-boo with you!

We’ll be tight lipped about the rest of the details.

So what are you waiting for? Be blind folded and prepare yourselves to be bombarded with lots of thrill & memorable moments!
Click below to book this experience

Rs. 3500/person
Transportation Charges: Rs.2200/person

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We accept payment via alternate methods like NEFT, Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM too.
For details call +91 7397039007
Cost Includes:
Camping on a remote place
Hiking Charges
Campfire session
Day 1: Lunch & Dinner.
Day 2: Breakfast & Lunch. Tea & refreshments.
Tents, Mattresses, Blanket,
Permission Charges; Entry Fees.
Backup Dorm available with Toilet and Bathroom
Cost Excludes:
How would one reach?
Option 1: Once the booking is made we will share you the location. You can ride/drive to the spot.
Option 2: You can avail the AC van arranged by us at Rs.2200/person. We pick you up from Chennai and drop you back at Chennai. Limited seats only!

Call / WhatsApp 8448444281

(Don’t ask us about the place 😉