//How to enjoy camping during monsoon?

How to enjoy camping during monsoon?

This will be a short crash course for anyone who is willing to camp or is willing to try out camping during the monsoon season. Given that monsoon has officially made an entrance here this will be a good place to start.

Lets answer a few questions for that.

Why is monsoon a good time to camp out?

First of, monsoon is one of those amazing times when camping gets really fun and beautiful. Everything is pretty and green. Rains bring out the best in nature and why miss out on such a view. The colours that pop out and the overall temperature is one of the best to experience especially when you are a city bug and haven’t had a lot of such experiences with the season.

Now there is the question of what.

What to pack?

  • Obviously, a rain coat. But something that helps to keep you warm through the winds too. A good rain proof jacket with a moderately thick lining would help.
  • If you wish, then an umbrella too. But it won’t help much if it is windy.
  • Open toed footwear. Now mostly people would wear shoes for camping/hiking. It is the best option. But if the shoes were to get wet and the soggy feel dampens the mood it won’t do any good. So the better suggestion is to carry a pair of shoes but wear open toed footwear. It could be a pair of flip flops or floaters. Which ever is comfortable for you to get wet in would do. The feet need to breathe a bit through them is all.
  • A hoodie or a jacket. Now we have already listed a rain proof jacket. But something to keep you warm inside a tent should also be there. It sure is not going to rain all the time.
  • Zip lock bags. These would come in very handy to put your phones and electronics in. They don’t cost much but they save a lot of hassle. Most of the touch screen phones work through the zip lock too. So its a win-win
  • A rain cover for your back pack. This is a very good thing to invest in. You can use this during the camp and later use it over your work/college back pack too.
  • Towels. Towels could be such a hassle since they occupy a lot of space but you will need atleast a couple of them to make yourself dry. Cotton or microfibre towels are a good choice.
  • Plastic bags. I know that we go to plastic free zones. So DO NOT DISCARD PLASTIC there. Instead use them to separate your wet clothes from your dry ones.
  • Mosquito repellent. Well which ever type works for you would do. The liquid or the gel or the cream.
  • Basic medicines and a few band aids. Just a few over the counter medicines for cold and fever along with a couple of band aids would do.

What to expect?

  • As much as monsoons look scary, they are not too scary. There are certain places that get their best views during the rainy season.
  • You can expect to see a lot of green since the plants and trees will be having quite the field trip with all the water.
  • You can also expect insects. Well they also love monsoon. So if you are allergic to any insect bites, do carry required medication with you and remember to alert your guide about the same.
  • A lot of water. Well thats no surprise of course. But do try and be cautious while walking over rocks that have been immersed in the water. Slippery paths are ought to be encountered. So wear something that gives you a good grip.
  • It could get real cold with the wind. Most people check the weather forecast and think they can handle that temperature. But the winds make it a bit more colder than it already is. So try and keep yourself warm through it.
  • Pack lightly. It would be better to go through 5 cotton shirts and carry them in the pack than wear a pair of jeans which gets heavier once its wet. Choose clothes that are light weight for you to wear and to carry.
  • Most important thing of all. Try and have the most fun out of it. The dampness may not look inviting but thats when you get much closer to nature than you can ever imagine.
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