Camp above the Clouds

5/5.0 (9 Reviews)

  Vagamon ,Kerala


Panoramic View

Ideal for Stargazing

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4.9/5.0 Rating (1500+ Reviews)

Campsite Rules
No Alcohol
No Smoking
No Littering
Valid ID required
How to get here?
1) Drive to the campsite on your own bike / car. We will share the location.
2) You can also reach Kumily from Bangalore, Coimbatore, etc, by bus and avail jeep pickup to the camp spot & back at Rs. 5200/jeep (A jeep could accommodate 8 ppl)
3) Nearest Railway Station is Kottayam. From there Jeeps could be availed (Reach-out to camp host for assistance)
9 Reviews

Wonderful Experience on a first visit. I always have had a doubt whether it would be safe and secure to travel with family. But after camping - I would say to the ppl having the same thought: "Pls delete it from your mind" and have a good time. The way the Host is engaging/ supporting the group is definitely commendable..2x times worth the money you pay.. Looking forward to travel more campsites with them !!

Vidhiya Kumar

I really started enjoying the camps with Exoticamp and this was my third trip with them. Well organised pickup, stay and coordination. We reached Kumily and Exoticamp had tie-up with 2 restaurants there. But we also have public toilets/ bathrooms to refresh with 2 floors which are also very neat and clean. You may use any of these. Then the jeep driver picked up and there the excitement started. Falls, sunset hike point, stay, campfire and the group was really awesome. It was so nice to sleep inside a tent when it was raining, which we should really feel it once in lifetime. The morning drizzle and then the mist made us feel so fresh. The places they subsequently took us are also very nice places. The campfire session with dance was very good, which everyone enjoyed. The only thing which we cannot expect is a variety of foods. But, the one that they provided was also good. For the overall experience, I would rate 5 for this trip.I am waiting to do more trips with Exoticamp which I feel very safe and secure for woman traveller.

Nirmal Maran

ITZZZZ REVIEW TIMEEEE writing down this review after my second trip with Exoticamp. My 1st trip was to munnar and that was my 1st ever trekking and also my 1st ever trek with Exoticamp. I didn't simply choose Exoticamp because I travel a lot but being my 1st camping I wanted to be sure of everything and choose the one that will giv me the best camp experience, I had other campers in mind who do similar kind of trekking and stuff but some how I got convinced with Exoticamp and I was right and am soooooooooooo glad that I chose them and Yessss they gave me the best ever camp experience, travel experience and also loaded me with unlimited fun and laughter and tat made me go back to them again asking them to give me some more awesome trekking experience and wonderful memories to cherish, u think they defined? Lolz nope... They made it again at vagamon and made me awwwwstruckkk and my Jaws Wer literally open seeing the campaign spot. Let it be munnar or vagamon the camp spots, the trekking places, the food, the travel, the tents, comfort, safety, every thing is jus perfect and above expectations. You can clearly see the agenda is perfect for 9to5 ppl who die at wrk for 5 bugging days and when they wanted to rejuvenate their body and mind fr the next week it's not happening with movies or any materialistic things, they jus while away our time. And planning for ourselves is another burden so it's so easy to jus relay on someone and jus relax for the funnings and adventures to begun. How awesome it is... Not jus for youngsters it's jus perfect and suitable for married, kids and all ages groups who wanna touch the clouds But how is it even possible? Lik how things can be so awesome and perfect? Lolz why it can't be when you have super cool ppl behind the thing that's happening. Yupppppp the crazy minded organizers and coordinators. YOU JUST ROCK nowadays it's many things are so easy but finding good ppl isn't that easy and here, after two campaigns with them I have a bunch of unknown awesome ppl who are my ppl now so mind it you just don't pay for a trip it's more than what you actually think. To mak it Simple I say, jus go for it bro no regrets guaranteed, to make it more clear *tha veara level mama must a polam Thank you so much for giving such a great experience both the time and my unconditional love for being awesome ppl, so hoping to see you soon and often in upcoming camps add more places soon so that I dnt get bored coming bak to the same places ithu mudivu alla... Aarambam seattaigal thodarum... And have requested Mark to add 10 stars in the review column bcuz I feel 5 isn't enough #MAGIZCHI

Dhivya Swaminathan

It was my first time camping experience and i felt wonderful. The camp site , food ,activites and travel was amazing. The trek to main stream and bonfire were exceptional.overall it was a well planned getaway and pocket friendly. Surprisingly it was kind friendly too were my 3 year old enjoyed too. Looking forward to catch up in other camps as well. Special thanks to Sam and chandru.

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