NY'24 Yelagiri Camping

5/5.0 (13 Reviews)

  Yelagiri ,Tamilnadu


Good for First Time Campers

Adventure Activities

Alcohol Free

Campsite Rules
No Alcohol
No Smoking
No Littering
Valid ID required
How to get here?
Campsite is accessible by Cars & Two Wheelers. There is ample parking space.
People taking public transport can
1) Reach Jolarpettai by bus or train & take a cab / autorickshaw to the town of Yelagiri. Our host can help you with autorickshaw pick-up. There are also buses from Jolarpettai.
13 Reviews

Yelagiri Camp- Exoticcamp They say jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul. This was such soul filling trip for me. Exoticamp chose a beautiful campsite which was surrounded by mountains dressed in lush green and also had a small stream running nearby. On the night of the camping without any warning or hint clouds where pouring as if sky cracked, Google weather failed. For a moment I thought rain had effectively ruined this whole trip. But it was a blessing in disguise eventually. Rain showed little mercy on the campers and mellowed down to small drizzle. Organizer having good prrsence of mind seized the moment and quickly arranged for Bonfire. They say Bonfire is basically just a nightclub in the mountains. It was, we smoked some grills and popped some marshmallows in the fire. The blessings in disguise was that I never camped when it rained and that was my first to stay on tent while it rained. Little drops falling on tent and water chiseling the rocks in the nearby stream was the music of the night. Next morning was a bliss. A picture perfect landscape that you can have it as a Screensaver. Not all those who wander are lost. We wandered on the trails along the stream and explored the landscape. Organizer lead us on the trail and throughout the trip. The food organized by Exoticamp was amazing. I would have given 5 stars for the food apart from the trip if the app allowed. A special mention to organizer Vamshi, he was very friendly and cordial to campers. As like in any trip I take back lot of memories from this trip. Thank you Exoticcamp.

Nithin Shiva

Very good experience .. we had a great time camping at Yelagiri .. Sam and Chandru did a great job :)

Samuel Raj

"Had a wonderful time with Exotic camp and I would say this is the perfect start of the New year meeting strangers and make friendship with them hear their stories thats really a wonderful thing... Lets go to the review section : They are really AWESOME and special thanks to Organiser Vijay he is really cool and sportive.. and one more guy is there named Joseph he is a man of nature he knows very well about the nature like He can see a water falls that no one can see ???? He knows very well about the nature except Swimming..Both are awesome Vijay will taking care of your experience and make you to feel the nature and Joseph will entertain you for the entire trip.. And this is my second camping experience but this is the first time I saw the constellation of stars .. ya there was special session of star gazing after 12:30 AM and I saw three Shooting Stars ran over from one end to another end of sky.. that was really stunning and special thanks to vijay for making me see the real nature... Conclusion : The mountains and rocks and clouds will be there all the time but if you see those with these guys ( Exotic Camp ) You will see it what actually it is.... Once again thank you so much EXOTIC CAMP "

Sujatha S

Exotic camps gave me my first experience with anything around camping and treks and I honestly cannot ask for a better start. Right from the ease of registration, to coordinating details to the entire group, arranging transportation, and fulfilling the itinerary while also letting each of the campers enjoy their time, breaking the ice with activities and bringing in a sense of like-mindedness into the group, arranging for food (we had homemade food prepped out of fresh ingredients from the backyard - both non veg and veg options available), comfortable placement of tents and amazing views, adequate sanitation facilities, the perfect level of comfort for first timers like me. You can also come with family and children without second thoughts, and I can assure that the experience will be totally worth every penny invested.

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